Panoramic Photography Techniques

Panoramic Photography TechniquesThanks for the advancement of cameras today. It is now easier to make panoramic photographs and to make flawless and beautiful panoramic photos can be difficult but with the additional features, it helps us a lot. It can be fun creating one especially its goal is to have a wide scene, stitching up several photos at once. So, how do we make panoramic photos?

First, you will need to choose a viable place to have a panoramic picture. The place should have no obstructive views. Initially, photographers will choose a place with wide angle such as mountains, city skylines, harbors, country side or bridges. Avoid urban views, it has so many objects that may obstruct or create problems when trying to stitch up the pictures.
When you shoot the place, set your camera settings in to a value to every take you are going to make. Some prefers having their camera stand on the tripod. With this, it will be easier to know that you are making the right level and angle. Take several shots in each turn.

After you download the pictures at your computer, you need an image editing software like Photoshop. There you can stitch the pictures side by side, using layers and edit some layers to make them look natural.

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Night Photography Techniques

Night Photography TechniquesThere are great difference in the day and night photography. At night, we hardly see the grandeur places and things compared to daylight but there are amazing things that we can compare to day time. The challenges of night photography in terms of photography jobs are to show the people the hidden beauty of the subject during this time and the famous is the night landscape. So, how can we reveal the mystery of the night in photography?

There is no sun during the night to reveal the beauty of the subject you are about to shoot but there are beauties at night that cannot seen during the night such as the night, the cityscape, the stars, the night skies and lights. And photography is about light settings and contrasting, however, at night capturing a beautiful picture is hard feat to do at its dimness. However, there are many techniques a photographer can do and here are the two popular techniques.

Mixing lights. The source of light during a night shoot varies. It can be from the moon, city lights, fireworks, camera flash and so on. Understanding and having some experiments the art of mixed light techniques you will be able to shoot decent night photos.

City Lights. Balancing the lights with other elements you can have a panoramic cityscape pictures. Such as including the reflecting lights at the water and the night sky or include some added color lights in the focus.

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Motion Blur Photography Techniques

Photography Jobs - Motion Blur Photography TechniquesAnother artistic photography technique is the Motion Blur effects. It is rarely used and can be done both artificially and intentionally. This effect shows the sense of speed. Using a camera, this can be achieved intentionally by setting your shutter speed in to slow. This may be the most challenging techniques in photography that requires a lot of patience and lightning fast reflexes but what an awesome eye catching photograph when done correctly.

Motion blur is an awesome artistically effect in the photography. If during the shoot you intentionally failed to do this, you can however able to make one using an image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. Perhaps to create a dramatic night light motion effect on your existing traffic drive passing thru photos, those cars moving at 60 miles per hour , their lights can make a colorful effect at the photo using blur tool at the Photoshop. Here’s how:

First, select using lasso tool the portion you wanted to have a blur effect. Copy the selected layer. Using that copied layer, apply a motion blur filter. From the menu, select Filter, then blur, then motion blur. And the motion blur filter dialogue box will appear. There, you can adjust the angle. You can experiment the value or by sliding, decreasing or increasing the angle value until you achieve your desired motion blur effects.

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Infrared Photography Techniques

Photography Jobs - Infrared Photography TechniquesInfrared photography is one of the many challenging types in this field that even the most experienced and professional photographers are taking up to this challenge. This too can have the most eye catching photographs especially if this is done well, by converting your camera or using some high end Single Lens Reflex (SLR), using infrared film or by using a photo editing tool. When you are on the break from photography jobs, here are the few tips for your infrared skill to discover.

Trying to have the infrared pictures, you will need to use a long exposure setting and tripod. Any shakes or movements from your camera will blur the image; typically, the tripod will help you have a steady base. Generally, an ordinary or the point and shoot camera cannot handle this because infrared lights are waves of illumination that ranges from red to violet. And we cannot see them without the infrared lenses. So you will need a high end camera to be able to do this.

On the other hand, some photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop allows you to edit an existing image. By selecting some layers and blending it with luminosity will turn your ordinary pictures in to infrared images.

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High Speed Photography Techniques

Photography Jobs - High Speed Photography TechniquesPhotography jobs are one of the many most sought career today. The needs are abounding and the salary can be lucrative. However, getting jobs one must have a portfolio. Portfolios of the photographers are vital in showcasing their talents and skills. Building one can be stressful and there are so many photography techniques to learn.

Learning some photography techniques, a photographer should determine which area he should master. If he tries to master everything at once, the mastery will fail. “One step at a time”, that is one of famous sayings of all times and this also applies here. If you are beginning to learn and want to master some area on your photography skills, here are some of the few important techniques you might consider at your high-speed photography. If you know some of it already, you may want to review them again because this is widely used by professionals in this career.

At high speed photography, the camera’s shutter slowly opens and closes during the shoot. There will be more light passing through the aperture and makes it possible to have a proper exposure during the low light conditions, thus achieving an intentionally blurred shots for the fast moving objects will be achievable. It will look artistic and thematic effect.

The kind of camera you used can be of advantage such as the Digital Single Lens Reflex or DSLR cameras are extremely useful in the high speed photography. It allows the photographer to change the shutter speed and the value of aperture in altering the appearance of the picture he wanted to achieve.

High speed photography is one of the powerful artistic techniques in photography. If you will browse some of the photographer’s portfolios, it contains many of this technique. So, if you are searching for photography jobs, try to include some of the high speed photographs at your portfolio.