DIFFERENT PHOTOGRAPHY CAREERS - PART 1Let’s face it. Photography is awesome. Transcending it from a hobby to an actual photography career is even better. Now all you have to do is to choose which field to specialize in. Although it is possible to do all kinds of photography jobs, creating a name for yourself in a specific field would make marketing your ability as a photographer and selling your photos easier and more cohesive. Listed below are some of the major fields you can go into.

1. Photojournalism. Often covering topics that are relevant and timely, photojournalists deliver the news to the people through pictures. Possible subjects vary, from weather disturbances to natural calamities to accidents and hostage taking situations. Some offshoot fields may include documentaries, social documentaries, street photography and even celebrity photography. Since the material is something a lot of people are interested in, selling your photos won’t be that difficult.

2. Fashion Photography. One of the more lucrative industries, fashion photography is avidly consumed by girls and boys alike. Creating a strong influence on current trends, famous fashion photographers have models and designers coveting to be their subject. Magazine spreads, both print and online, have become the bible for these hip fashionistas.

3. Advertising Photography. Usually employed by advertising agencies to execute their marketing plan for a brand or a product, this is another well-paying field in photography. Advertising photographers work closely with the creative director to work out the elements of the photo, which could either be produced in print adverts or online campaigns.

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