Freelance Photography Jobs To Earn Extra Income

Freelance Photography Jobs To Earn Extra IncomeIf you’re looking for a freelance job, photography can give you that opportunity so that you can earn money while showing your creativity. Freelance photography jobs are easy to do, and they can pay tens if not thousands of dollars per picture.

Doing a freelance job as a photographer is easy to start with. All you have to have is a professional grade camera. It can either be a high definition point and shoot camera or a Digital Single Lens Reflex or DSLR camera. From there, you can then create a clientele, starting with your family members, relatives and friends of friends. This way, you can create your portfolio without spending a cent other than on your camera. Coming from this point, you can then be a professional freelance photographer that can do the jobs that would be required of you. Be it a simple photo shoot gig, a head shot for people who would like to create their own portfolio as actors or models.

You can also become an events photographer, covering the events such as weddings, birthday celebrations, anniversaries and parties. Best of all, the time that you spend on these freelance photography jobs will be based on your time and your willingness to take on clients, so you can have other jobs aside from this freelance task.

As you can see, it’s very easy to have a freelance job as a photographer. All you need is a camera and then you can start shooting away, capturing priceless memories while earning money from doing something that you would truly enjoy.


DIFFERENT PHOTOGRAPHY CAREERS – PART 3Photography is a very diverse field with so many interesting options to go into. Below is another list where you will find different photography careers that you can specialize and excel in.

1. Still Life Photography. The modern counterpart of Still Life paintings popular in the olden times, Still Life Photography focuses on inanimate objects as subjects. These objects may include man-made materials such as drinking glasses, books, vases, jewelry, coins, shoes, cosmetics, and books. Natural materials are also popular, like fruits, baskets, water, leaves, flowers, plants, rocks and shells. Knowledge in lighting and camera angles is very important, as well as manipulation of subject’s placing and visual effects.

2. Sports Photography. Particularly interesting to the sports aficionados, Sports Photography combines the challenges of capturing the players in action and important highlights of the game.

Skill in high-speed photography is a must, as well as quality equipment. Having the right length of camera lenses can help you capture just the right shot, as well as having the right aperture. Finding the right location is a necessity as well.

3. Travel Photography. If traveling is your thing, then this field will be perfect for you. A travel photo is defined by the Photographic Society of America as “an image that expresses the feeling of a time and place, portrays a land, its people, or a culture in its natural state, and has no geographical limitations”. With this in mind, the travel photographer must immerse himself in the culture of his current subject location and capture what defines them as a society. Aspects may include landscape, cityscape, architecture, community, clothing, jewelry and art.


DIFFERENT PHOTOGRAPHY CAREERS – PART 2Still not decided on which photography career to take? Take a look at the list below to widen your options.

1. Nature Photography. It encompasses all the subjects that have to do with nature (e.g. landscapes, the various flora and fauna). Production time usually take a little longer than other fields, often requiring you to stay for long periods of time at your “set” to capture your shot. In addition, this field is usually managed by a one-man team, needing you to travel and do all the work alone.

2. Portrait Photography. Perfect for those who are looking for a freelance photography job, you will most likely be commissioned to be the “official photographer” events and parties.

Photographers in this field usually have their own studio, where people can come in and have their pictures taken. Some can be at the special events like graduation and birthday celebrations, to official pageant shots or portfolio (especially for models), to covering debutante balls and weddings.

Portrait photographers have direct contact with the end consumers, and you must be sensitive how they want the photos to look like since the subject is oftentimes personal to them.

3. Food Photography. An offshoot of Advertising and Still-Life Photography, this field requires a special set of skills in making sure food will look like it tastes great. You should have the great attention to detail in setting up the lighting and props. There should be a correct angle to make out the texture, and styling the food. One of the challenges is to keep the food looking fresh, even though it’s been laid out for hours under the camera. This is usually a team-based project, comprised of the photographer, art director, and the food stylist.

A Shot To Inspiration

A Shot To InspirationMost people with photography jobs, or are planning on embarking on one, will agree that one of its challenges is finding the inspiration. Your inspiration will determine your photo’s theme and concept, and will set its tone and mood. Often times, when you come across an outstanding photograph you will find yourself asking, how did the photographer think of that?

The very essence of photography is about capturing magical moments and immortalizing it through pictures. In this light, a great photo does not necessarily equate to professional techniques, or complicated lighting effects, or intricate set design. Although these may enhance it, a pretty photo will not have the same impact as that to one that holds meaning. This means that your inspiration will come from real life events, from the time you open your eyes and find a glorious sunshine spilling into your bedroom, until night time comes with hundreds of stars winking at you. It’s those moments you spend with friends, with people you come across while walking down the streets, and coincidentally being at the right time, at the right place. Inspiration is everywhere. It’s just a matter of always being ready to capture that moment.

In some cases, your inspiration may not be visual at all. It may come from a line from a book, or the haunting melody of a song, or that poignant conversation you had with a guy that you sat next to at the bus. Interpretation of these abstract ideas can leave you more room for creativity, allowing you to recreate it in any way you want. With all these a great photo is just a click away.

Travel, Take Photos and Earn Money

Travel, Take Photos and Earn MoneyTravelling anywhere around the world is what everybody wanted and doing this for free or as part of the job is one of the top most dream of everyone. What about earning money by doing so? Of course, it is possible. Being a travel photographer, you could earn a lot of money by taking photos for your clients.

Travel photography jobs are indeed an interesting job among the photography career. Taking amazing photos for travel magazines or web travelogue, you earn at the same time and the expenses are being paid by your clients. The adventures of going almost everywhere are the added bonus, the luxury of this career.  Going to an extreme rainforest, diving down the sea forest or it could be by enjoying the luxuries of hotels are among the places the travel photographer go.

All these are possible especially if you are a talented photographer. A good bird’s eye, know how to edit the image digitally and an adventure loving person are among the characteristics the companies look for on the travel photographer. With this kind of career, you should be able to easily pack your bag for the emergency job calls.

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