A Shot To Inspiration

A Shot To InspirationMost people with photography jobs, or are planning on embarking on one, will agree that one of its challenges is finding the inspiration. Your inspiration will determine your photo’s theme and concept, and will set its tone and mood. Often times, when you come across an outstanding photograph you will find yourself asking, how did the photographer think of that?

The very essence of photography is about capturing magical moments and immortalizing it through pictures. In this light, a great photo does not necessarily equate to professional techniques, or complicated lighting effects, or intricate set design. Although these may enhance it, a pretty photo will not have the same impact as that to one that holds meaning. This means that your inspiration will come from real life events, from the time you open your eyes and find a glorious sunshine spilling into your bedroom, until night time comes with hundreds of stars winking at you. It’s those moments you spend with friends, with people you come across while walking down the streets, and coincidentally being at the right time, at the right place. Inspiration is everywhere. It’s just a matter of always being ready to capture that moment.

In some cases, your inspiration may not be visual at all. It may come from a line from a book, or the haunting melody of a song, or that poignant conversation you had with a guy that you sat next to at the bus. Interpretation of these abstract ideas can leave you more room for creativity, allowing you to recreate it in any way you want. With all these a great photo is just a click away.

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